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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 08:24:39 -0700 (PDT) From: james mason Subject: The Rich Bitch Part 1 (Interracial/Encounters)The Rich BitchChapter 2: Temptation Takes OverAdam took of his cum soaked speedos and washed them off, then put them in his bdsm russian slave girls dirty clothes basket in his room. Adam decided he should go for a swim to cool off after that intense dream he had about Kyle. After the dream sequence and his awkward run in with Kyle he felt guilty about thinking of Kyle that way. After all he loved Corey..... Or so he thought....Kyle put his tools down and spoke in spanish to his Uncle about very very joung russiangirls needing to use the bathroom. Kyle took off his gloves and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He licked his lips as he thought about Adam. When he first met the kid, he knew he was going to be easy property. The way the boy checked out his 30 year old, muscled russian illegal nude pics body he knew he had him sucked in..... and he loved the attention.Seeing Adam run to the bathroom with cum running down his thigh confirmed that this boy was already hot for him. russian free online porno Now it was turn to get off.....Adam wiped himself off and put on russian fisting porno a new blue speedo. He checked himself out in the mirror and made sure the speedo was skin tight on him. He loved being able to tease Kyle with his ass and of course this was ONLY flirting.Adam put on some more tanning lotion and walked out of his room only to bump into Kyle."Kyle?! What?.... Where russian moms naked are you going?" Adam naturists russian said startled from his second run with Kyle."I was looking for littlle russian angels the bathroom can you show me where it is?" Kyle said."Oh.... uh.. yeah! It's right over here." Adam said trying to shake off embarrassment. 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Kyle kept his eye on Adam as he swam the full length. Kyle walked back to were he was working after his hard on went soft, but he made russian 16yo nude sure to keep an russian underskirt eye on the boy.While in the water Adam tried to keep his focus on his boyfriend who was coming over later. He swam back in forth in the water until his arms and legs were tired. Adam sat russian sex style on the edge of the pool to catch his breath, when he turned around Kyle's eyes were locked on him. Suddenly Adam felt that maybe Kyle was more then just interested in him.Kyle took a few more gulps russian ******** xxx of his Gatorade and went back to helping his Uncle with adding new soil in the surrounding areas. russian jeans girls pics Adam felt russian cunt pics that this was a good time to call nude russians bride his boyfriend up and russian adult girl tell him to come earlier before things had gotten a little out of hand.Kyle watched as Adam walked back inside the house. He could see through the windows that Adam had gone into his room. He bobbed his head knowing that that was were he was going russian illegal to be getting in those tight speedos."...So i was hoping you can come around four." Adam said on the phone with Corey. "My gardner is here and they probably won't be leaving till 3:30ish.""That's alright with me, what else did you have planned for the night?" Corey said."Well I was hoping it would be just you and I for the rest of the day. Hopefully just doing the dinner and we can come back to my place and watch some movies...."Corey didnt know that Adam had made tonight the night for him to take his virginity and Adam made it like that on purpose.Meanwhile, Kyle had told his Uncle he was taking pictures russian naturists a short break. He crept up to Adam's door and listened to there conversation on the phone loud speaker."....And you know just hang out.... OH and I have a surprise for you." Adam said flirtatiously."I thought I was suppose to be giving you the surprises." Corey said."Of course you suppose to surprise me and it better be amazing." Adam said."Or else what? Your gonna russian slut videos leave me for some other dude?" Corey said jokingly."I might...... I'm just kidding baby." Adam said laughing.When Kyle heard that, he knew he it was time to move in for the kill. Kyle pushed opened the door startling Adam again from his laughing."Oh Baby... I gotta go the Gardner needs me for something." Adam said."Alright, I'll call you later, love you." Corey said."I REALLY love you too." Adam said highlighting those words, even though he really didn't mean it."So are you guys finished?" Adam asked getting up from his bed."In about 30 minutes and we will be back tomorrow to plant some flowers." Kyle said."Great." Adam said then noticing Kyle's hand rubbing down his crotch."Was that your boyfriend you were talking to?" Kyle said."Yes it was." Adam said."He's a lucky guy. A really lucky guy." Kyle said rubbing himself more obviously now. "I bet you give it to him every night."Adam stood surprised to here him say that. "No... what makes you think that?""You don't? I mean really... with that sexy body and tight little voyeur russian 100 top ass you got there, he's russian very porn got to be hitting that every night." Kyle russian amatuer porn said."No, Its not like that... Corey smooth russian twinks is good guy." Adam said.Kyle's eye brow rose in question. "So your saying your a virgin?...........Perfect."Kyle walked over and pushed the boy back on the bed and sat on top of him."Oh my God! What the hell are you doing?!!!" Adam shouted.His mouth was quickly covered by Kyle's hand, he tried his russian tits gallery best to get off from under him but he was too weak compared to the big muscled latino. Kyle stripped off his shirt and unbucked sexy free russian girls his pants and to Adam's surprise he stopped his struggling to soak the amazing body that was on top of him.He stared at the man's body on top of him, it was just like his dream accept his chest was hairy. His natural body free nude russian women odor was soon intoxicating Adam and taking him to english speaking russian women another world. He didnt know how to explain it.Kyle could see it in the boys eyes that he had him under his control it was time to take the next step."I'm gonna lean down and kiss you. If you scream thats the last thing you'll be doing." Kyle said. He wasn't serious but he knew this would get the boy juices flowing. Plus he knew the boy was weak and he would do anything he said.He removed russian 12 yr xxx his hand and quickly planted his lips on Adam's. Adam let Kyle do all the work at nude in russian first but then he slowly got into it and kissed him back. The kiss was passionate, sexy, and hungry. Kyle slipped his tongue in his mouth and Adam sucked on it tasting him.Adam was cheating on his boyfriend with the gardner.... To Adam, the man had to have made less then 40,000 dollars a year, compared to Corey's 200,000 and here he was slopping him down.Adam let himself go forgetting russian blond nude that the man on top of him earned less and suddenly he wanted to see more of this russian beautiful nude women man. He stopped kissing him long enough to say, "Take off your clothes."Kyle smiled and got off Adam and stripped off the rest of his clothes, revealing the rest of his stunning body. Adam's russian free sexphotos mouth dropped seeing the sexy stud standing in front of him."Oh my God." Adam says free russian videos under his breath looking at russian bondage Kyle's big cock standing at attention. It was bigger then he rape russian thought it would be."Is this what you want boy?" Kyle said waving his semi flaccid meat at him. Adam just stared at him with drool dripping down the side of his mouth. "Yeah, I know this is what you want." He said.Kyle laid back on top of Adam and rubbed his body up against him. The friction drove Adam mad. Kyle's hairy curly chest making contact with his smooth body was too much for him causing him to moan like a little girl. russian preten girls Seeing this made Kyle smile. He loved seeing boys like him submit and turn into there role of the female and Adam was predictable.Adam rubbed his hands up and down Kyle's muscled sweaty arms and russian mature nataly around his back. Adam realized Kyle was all man, and just the right man to take his virginity. All thoughts of Corny Corey soon disappeared.....Kyle rolled over and pulled Adam russian free sex sites on top of him, just like in Adam's day dream. Adam could feel Kyle's dick rubbing up against his speedos trying to make its way inside. Adam maneuvered around enough to take off the skin tight spandex and Kyle told him to turn around.Adam did so and bent over so Kyle could get a good view off his ass. Kyle licked his lips as he stared at the boys ass russian underground xxx out in the open for him. "Spread it open round russian boobs for me russian cock baby." He said.He jerked his cock as he russian bdsm movies stared at extremely russian rape pic archive small and tight anus that looked WAY too small for his big 9 incher or for any dick for the matter. He was going to have fun opening that ass.....Kyle slapped his ass making Adam yell out."Shut up, my Uncle's still outside. That means we russian sex live webcam gotta make this quick." Kyle said.Kyle pulled Adam on top of him and then told him to turn around until Adam was facing him. Adam started feeling nervous. He never went this far with anyone before."This is the easiest way to do it on the first time." Kyle said interrupting russian gorgeous fuck his second thoughts. Kyle could somehow read the boys mind seeing that Adam russian incest wanted to turn angel boy russian away but he wasn't going to let that happen.He pulled Adams face to his and kissed him hard. Adam's body slowly released russian head cut all tension that was built and soon his body nonude 10 russian girl was relax. Kyle kept kissing him passionately, moaning in Adams mouth tonguing the inside of his mouth. He reached down and grabbed his ass and kneaded it like clay in his hands. Adam could feel his body melt into Kyle's, he experienced a feeling he just couldn't describe.Suddenly he felt russian orgasm pics this itch deep inside his ass. This was something new to him, and it got to the point where he couldn't stand it porn russian pics any more. Adam stopped kissing Kyle long enough to say, "Please fuck me. Take me! I need to know what a cock feels like inside me!"This was just what Kyle wanted to hear. He knew his kisses and foreplay got to these boys all the time.Adam grabbed Kyle's achingly hard ukraine russian sluts dick and rubbed it up against his hole. He remembered reading from stories that he had to lube up his dick with something, but all he could think of using was spit. He spit in his hand and jerked Kyle off. All Kyle could do was smile, watching the boy eagerly russian free nudist pictures beg for his cock.Once Kyle's dick was covered with spit, Adam got up and placed the head in his hole but it russian free naturist was just too tight. After a few tried it still would break through."Nooo.... Please get in me!" Adam begged. Kyle held his dick and Adam tried spread his ass lips onto his dick but it snapped shut. Growing frustrated, Adam slammed his ass down on Kyle's dick taking nearly half of it. Adam yelled out loud from the pain."Shit!" Kyle shouted not expecting him to do that. Kyle's eyes rolled back in his head feeling the extremely tight boy pussy tightening up on his dick. It was the best boy ass he ever had on his dick. Adam, on the other hand, was tearing up. His hole was on fire and he couldn't believe russian non nudes he'd just done that."Oh God! It's so big! I can't believe it!" Adam shouted. Kyle just smiled from the complement. He figured all his boys referred to him as God when he was fucking them."Boy this ass is so good. Just relax baby.... Relax that ass on Papi's dick." Kyle said comforting his new boy. He rubbed sexy russian tits his hands through Adam's soft brown hair to calm him down.Adam's moans were choppy as he slowly began to ride his dick. "I have to take it!.... I russian pornsites just have to!" Adam said to himself.Kyle admired the boys stamina and loved watching the russian hot sex boy's whole tanned, and sweaty body flex as he moved up and free russian nude down."Fuck baby, thats good.... Your doing so good boy. Your riding me so fuckin' kid!" Kyle said. Adam's moans got amatur russian louder everytime Kyle's dick reached deeper inside schoolgirl russian heaven him.Kyle felt the boys ass slowly easing up on his dick so he decided to take over. Finally that itch that was bother Adam was finally being scratched inside and suddenly the russian naked pain disappeared."Oh fuck! Kyle I can feel you man! I think I got all of you in me!" Adam said in excitement."You sure do baby I got Big tits russian russian museum of erotica that cherry.... Now I'm taking over." Kyle said then flipping him over on his back. The bed creaked lightly from the heavy movement. Adam submitted his body over to Kyle letting him take complete control of him.Kyle wanted to watch every expression Adam made as russian illegal sex he fed the boy his dick. "Keep your eyes on me kid." Adam did as he told and watched his entire beautiful naked russian women body work over his new cunt. Kyle loved fucking virgins like this and not because he didn't have to wear a condom while fucking them, but it was exciting seeing the boy's reactions when his dick opened up there asses. Especially the moans.... There whining little kid moans only persuaded him russian cuckold porn to fuck the shit out them and thats what Adam was doing."Oh shit!!.... Oh fuck!!!.... Oh russian sheep dog my God!!!! Kyle fuck me!!!..... OHhh....Ahhhh.... MMMMmm!!!.... nymphs russian Yeah dude fuck me!!!..." Adam went on screaming obscenities to his fucker and it was all music to his ears. He felt the boys ass milking his whole 9 inch length and non nude russian girls couldn't get enough of it. He wanted so badly to knock this boy up and make him his bitch for life.The sweat poured off between the two of the oversexed hunks and the bed creaked louder. Kyle's uncle was no longer a thought in his mind if he walked in on him, besides it wouldnt be his first time walking on him owning a boy.Adam wrapped his arms around Kyle's broad muscled back, rubbing down his sweat body until he reached his ass. He felt the man's hairy ass in his hands and tried his best to pull the man as deep as he could go inside of him."Boy this ass is fuckin' amazing voyure russian kid!" Kyle said. "You want me to cum inside you? Huh?.... You want me to make you my new bitch? Answer me boy!" He demanded.Adam was too overcome with ecstasy to answer him quick enough so he shook his head and let his moans do the rest of the talking.Kyle pumped harder in Adam and he felt his cum boil through his balls. This was gonna a big release he thought in his mind."Fuck I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna breed this rich boy pussy with my fuckin' seed!" He said to Adam.Adam was still delirious with lust and couldn't respond. Kyle stopped and he felt his dick expand and spit its russian blonde wives hot lava deep inside Adam's ass. Adam felt the hot blowjob russian creamy liquid fill him up and he never thought it would feel the way it did, burning through his rectum like lava.Kyle stayed in his position for a long time making sure every drop was deep inside his new territory. Kyle shook his head not believe how good this boy's ass was. It was unbelievable, the best he none nude russians ever russian girlds had.... He had to get more.Apparently Adam had passed out after that amazing session he just had russian erotic boys and when he woke up, he was still on the bed naked with his bed sheets still covered in a thin layer of sweat. Adam got up from the bed but then felt his ass stinging from the pain. He sat there tearing up from the burning sensation all through his body. He couldn't believe he just had sex with his gardner. Not just sex but the most intense, russian boys fucked passionate sex that russian commercial nude was russian anal fucking humanly possible. He just had to see if he was still here.He slowly got up from his bed and put on some russian martial arts techniques shorts and walked outside to Kyle and his Uncle packing up there russian antique pine furniture things. Adam went outside and noticed the garden looked better then what it did before."I see sleepy head is up!" Kyle said with a joyful laugh. Adam shyly waved at the two of them. Kyle's Uncle walked up to Adam noticing the painful look on his face."Ok?" The man asked concerned not knowing russian boys nude how to put the sentence together. "Yes, I'm fine.... russian illegal pretten are you two done for the day?" Adam said changing the subject."Yup we sure are." Kyle said. Adam noticed his hair slicked back, he must have took a shower after he finished with him. "We will be back tomorrow to add some more plants.""Okay, well just call and let me know." Adam says. Adam watched as photo russian erotique Kyle's Uncle carried the last bit of the supplies out to the hot russian boy truck gay russian sodomy giving Kyle a chance to say something before nude russian wallpaper he left."Hey kid." Kyle illegal russian cunt got face to face with Adam to make sure he heard everything he had to say. "That was some of the best ass I ever russian boy penis had from anyone. When I come back tomorrow. I want you wearing that same speedo and I want that ass to be lubed up already. When I take my thirty minute break, that wealthy ass better be on the bed waiting for my dick to breed it some more. You got that boy?"Kyle meant every word he said and he liked nude russian boy pictures how threatening it sound. That always made the boys russian nimphets be afraid of him, he loved showing the boys who was boss.Adam took a big gulp and said, "Yes sir."Kyle leaned over and kissed Adam and winked at him and walked out the door.Kyle looked russian natural porn at the time, Corey was on his way in twenty marrying a russian woman minutes.....To Be Continued....
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